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Welcome to csilims.
Another last icon maker standing challenge community, except this one is for all three csi's!

This community is moderated by hauteurs
1. What's is a LIMS community?
- A Last Icon Maker Standing challenge.
2. I can't make icons but I still want to join, am I allowed?
- Yes, feel free to just watch the community and vote.
3. Can I use my skip post if I don't like a certain celeb used for the

- Go right ahead, but keep in mind that you only have one skip chance unless
you promote to get a second one.

If you have any other questions contact me and I'll get back to you as soon as


01. You must join AND friend the community in order to participate in the challenges.

02. Second challenge sign-ups are currently open. Please read through all the
rules first before signing up. You can sign up here.

03. Each Sunday, I will post a new challenge which will have a photoshoot and/or
screencap of a character/actor from ANY csi. The challenge posted may also have a theme, so pay attention to all the rules that are posted with the cap and/or picture. You will
then create an icon using only the picture provided, but you will be
allowed any textures, brushes, text and gradients unless otherwise specified.

04. Every Friday, your icon will be due. You will reply with the picture and URL
of the icon as a comment to that week's challenge post. All comments are
screened and icons will remain in this community until voting is over. That
means no posting anywhere else until voting is over. You may not use it as an
icon for your personal journal or any other journal either.

05. Every Friday, I will post that week's icons and voting will start. Voting
will be for 3 of your least favorite icons and a favorite for that week.

06. Please do NOT vote for your own icons! That defeats the purpose of this
competition. You can, however, vote positively or negatively for any icons
except your own.

07. Every Sunday, the winner for that week, along with a mod's choice, member’s
choice and the icon makers disqualified will be posted.

08. You are allowed up to three skip chances, but you must notify me prior to when
voting goes up. If you fail to notify one of us that you want to use your skip
chance, I will automatically use your skip. Skip Chances Post is here. The
only challenges that you are not allowed to skip is the first one, and if you
make it to the final round, the last.

09. Please include horatio's _______ (something of horatio caine you couldn't live without in the subject of your comment when you sign-up so we know you've read the rules.

10. Be able to handle negative things about your icons. After all constructive
criticism is good for the soul icon making.

Failure to abide by these rules will cause in disqualifaction and possibly
even banning.

ROUND 01: frodolyn
ROUND 02: 2ndcommandlove
round 03: dana_crimson
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